I know what you’re thinking. “Women’s tennis? BORING.”

Well, let me tell you a story about the “bored” people in this world: bored people die. And they never get to see how awesome women’s tennis is, and that would totally suck for them because it’s actually really great.

Don’t believe me? Well, here are some reasons why women’s tennis is better than men’s tennis:

1) Women players try harder when they lose matches. What do I mean by this? Most of the time when a [male] player loses a match, he doesn’t seem all that upset about it anymore once the match is over and done with. For example, when Andy Murray lost to Roger Federer in this year’s Wimbledon tournament , he shook Federer’s hand and told him congratulations. That was all he said. He didn’t yell at the umpire or smash his racket to pieces like John McEnroe used to do . I’m not saying that Andy Murray should have been all pissed off because [seriously]–Roger Federer is a fantastic tennis player, but it would still be pretty cool if Andy had been even a little bit mad about losing.

But when a women player loses a match, you can tell how much she cares about winning. For example, after Li Na won the French Open two years ago, she broke down in tears on the court because it meant so much for her family and country to win the most important championship in women’s tennis. This year, Petra Kvitová cried after losing a match at Wimbledon because she felt like she didn’t play well enough . Ummm… I wonder if Andy Murray feels THAT bad when he loses?

(Also: If you’re not impressed with what Li Na and Petra Kvitová did [because “crying is for pussies”], then just wait until you see how awesome Jelena Dokic’s reaction was in 2002 .)

2) Women players hit more shots early in their careers than men do. When Maria Sharapova was young and playing in tournaments against older girls, her coach would tell her that whenever someone hits a big shot, the player should hit another one right back. And you know what? She’s still doing it in her matches today! When she was younger, Serena Williams would always try to hit winners when she got in trouble; now that she’s older and has won more Grand Slams than any female player (male or female) in tennis history, she sticks with her game plan–even if it includes hitting errors when she gets behind. And when Andy Murray hits an unforced error , he doesn’t seem too concerned about where his next point is coming from; but for women players like Ana Ivanovic and Sabine Lisicki , they’re constantly looking for ways to correct their mistakes immediately .

3) Women players play harder than men do. This is a really simple one: When a woman plays a man, the woman usually wins more often than not. If you disagree with this statement, then I’d like to introduce you to Serena Williams , Maria Sharapova , and any number of other female players who have absolutely dominated men’s tennis throughout history.