So, you are interested in becoming a better tennis player. The question is how? There are so many ways to go about it, but I would have to say the best way is by subscribing to an online service that specializes in teaching people the techniques of the game. I know what you’re thinking – no one can teach me anything that even comes close to what my coach teaches me every day. That may very well be true, but let me ask you this – if your coach disappeared tomorrow would you be able to continue playing successfully? Don’t answer too quickly because there may come a time when he has to return back home for family reasons or perhaps needs knee surgery and cannot make it out on court with you for 6 months. If this sounds familiar, then perhaps the need to know more about ways to improve your game are becoming a priority. On-court coaching is one thing that instructors tend to offer because they realize that not everyone has access to watch professional players play. However, if you have an internet connection and an account with the best online service for tennis instructions, you can have all this at your fingertips.

For those who have already found their way here I’m sure you are wondering how this is possible. Well, after speaking with several coaches who offer this type of service it seems there are mainly two different approaches being used : The first entails recording instructional videos through teaching drills which will reveal what your coach/instructor sees from where he watches his students play (usually the baseline). This is then followed up with special exercises that you may use on your own to help improve your game. The second method uses technology which allows the coach to watch you play (usually from the stands) and communicate with you through an internet connection or smartphone app. Now, these are only two of the ways this type of service works; however, what you really need to ask yourself is how does it compare? Afterall, if there was no difference between having a coach who instructs both in person and online why would anyone even bother paying for face-to-face lessons?

The truth of the matter is they wouldn’t.

So, let’s discuss some of the benefits that come with using this type of service:

Lessons from your coach are available to you whenever and wherever. For instance, if you have a full day of work ahead, but would still like to fit in an hour or two for some practice – no problem. In addition, if you cannot make it out on court with your coach because you’ve got 3 kids who all want your attention at the same time – not a problem either. All lessons can be recorded and watched when it’s convenient for you. No driving required!

With this type of service almost every tennis drill that is performed by top instructors is available for viewing. Whether it’s a rally drill, footwork exercise, stroke production instruction etc…you name it; however, please note that this isn’t magic – more drills cannot make up for poor stroke mechanics, improper footwork etc…But I think you already know this. This brings me to the next point.