The following article is meant to be both a guide for how to string your own racket, and why this is easy enough that anyone can do it. Once you have tried this out for yourself, I am positive you will agree.

Here are some common questions/concerns people have when learning about my method:

1) “How does the cross-section of the strings look?” They are round in cross-section. You cannot see any flat surfaces that would cause them to grab the ball at all  Once strung up, they play just like normal string beds. If they didn’t play well, I wouldn’t use them!  (They also aren’t rough either.)

2) “You said it only takes 5 minutes – but it takes longer than that to string one racket!” Obviously, It’s not the 5 minutes you spend stringing a racket by hand. I’m talking about what it takes to make 10 rackets (string and assemble both sides). If someone else strings your racket, and you don’t do anything other than taking it out of the box – then yeah, that’s how long it will take for them. However, if you string both sides yourself, then the assembly is just snapping in 1 frame and tightening 4 bolts. This should take exactly as long as feeding a machine with pre-strung frames through it twice.  The “real” time is just transferring the string from 1 frame to another, which depending on your technique and how often you change setups, should not take more than 10 minutes.

3) “Why do you need 16 different types of string if they all perform the same?” There is a difference between them – it’s just small enough that people don’t notice it. It’s an incredibly subjective thing as well. You can fine-tune your setup to get as close as possible to some ideas for your playing style and personal preferences, but there will always be differences between strings. This doesn’t mean one string is better than another – it just means that if you want any 2 specific things from your racket, then there is a 0% chance of getting both in the same string job with a random setup.

4) “You said these strings are as good as natural gut – but what about modern polyester strings?” The string I use is not a brand name or a type of string I created. It’s the same exact string used by one of the biggest racket manufacturers in existence (the ABSOLUTE best, most expensive ones). They use it because it offers the PERFECT amount of all-important qualities: Power, Comfort, Durability, and Control; without any downsides to speak of. This might not be true for all polyester strings – but this particular one absolutely is!

5) “Your method requires anchoring 3 main strings. This damages the frame and causes deformation over time.” My method does indeed require 3 main strings to be anchored, however, this will NOT damage the frame at all. It might warp it very slightly over time, which you will notice if you pull on both ends of the grommet strip with equal force. But this is NOT a factor if measurements are done correctly – and they always will be regardless of whether or not you use my method. The truth is, adding more main strings (anchored or not) would actually damage the string bed and cause deformation as well! I know because I have tried it myself – multiple times.