“So, you finally decided to take the plunge and join a local tennis club? Congratulations! Getting into the sport at any age is a great move, whether it’s for fitness or out of pure love of the game. You’re going to have fun on the courts, but there are some important things you need to consider before you get started.”

“You can find our detailed equipment reviews by clicking here .”

“Equipment is an investment in your future. For most people new to the sport, their first set of racquets will be their only ones. It would be a waste to purchase cheap racquets that won’t give you a consistent feel and performance on court.”

“We all know how expensive buying tennis gear can be. If you’re going to spend a lot of money, it should be on quality equipment that will make you a better player and not hinder your performance.”

“For those who aren’t sure if they want to continue playing tennis or buy a full set of racquets, we recommend a starter pack which comes with two hybrid racquets. Hybrids are an excellent option for beginners as they combine the best from both worlds: the power from steel and control from graphite.”

“Hybrid or entry-level adult rackets usually come in two head sizes: 90 square inches (550 cm²) and 98 square inches (630 cm²). The smaller one is easier for beginners to handle, but don’t let its size fool you. It will still give you the power and spin needed to take your game to the next level.”

“Once you become more experienced, you may want to try a larger head size (around 100 square inches or 650 cm²). This will increase your power and spin even further so be careful not to overswing trying to generate too much pace. It could be detrimental for your performance.”

“Another thing beginners should consider is their grip size. Your grip size is measured by the circumference of the handle’s widest part in inches (ex: 4 3/8, 4 1/2). A rule of thumb suggests using 0.5-inch smaller grip than your actual hand size, but don’t stress yourself out with these calculations.”

“Tennis is a game played mostly with your arms, so buy a grip size that you can comfortably hold without fear of it slipping out of your hands. Also keep in mind that over time the grip may rip or become worn and you’ll need to replace it.”

“So now we know the two key things you should look for in beginner’s racquets: head size and grip size. But there are other things to consider as well.”

“When choosing strings, make sure they’re durable – this will greatly increase their lifespan and save you money too! You can find our detailed string reviews by clicking here .”

“If you’ve never hit with a polyester string before, take it slow at first until your body adjusts. The higher the ‘denier’ (thickness), the more durable and powerful it will be. 80D is a good starting point for beginners.”